google adsense payment youtube. Now you will get such payment from youtube and google adsense.

 google adsense youtube payment

adsense payment youtube

google adsense payment youtube

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youtube payment adsense

google adsense youtube pay

youtube google adsense payment :-

stay with us to know how it gives hello friends welcome to our website if you are thinking to earn money from google adsense then this post is going to be very important for you because friends any Without knowledge, no work is achieved or successful.

 And today we will tell you about Google Adsense and about YouTube in detail where people are earning money from YouTube and Google Adsense.

 If you are also thinking about the same then stay with us.

youtube google adsense payment

Today's era is the online era, in today's era, thousands of people are earning lakhs of rupees in a month through YouTube.

 But it is not that you can earn money online only in YouTube. There are many ways in online where people are earning money in a whole month.

 Friends, it is very important for you to understand that whose platform is YouTube and which company is the platform of Google Adsense.

 Friends, you know very well that YouTube is such a social media platform where people keep learning new things and do entertainment, if you are a YouTuber then you do not need to speak about it. 

Friends, Google Adsense and YouTube, both these platforms are the product of Google, they work like Google Adsense is an ad network.

If you just want to register on Google Adsense, then for this you must have a YouTube channel or you should have a website.

The job of Google Adsense is to give money to people only by showing ads.

But you will decide where their ad will run. If you have a YouTube channel and are uploading your videos in the YouTube channel, Google Adsense gives ads from the same video where people click on that ad and get some more lessons. Due to which you will get benefits and AdSense will also get benefits.

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Through Google Adsense, you can earn money not only from YouTube but also from a website.

If you have a news or any information website, then you can earn money by placing Google Adsense ads in it. 

Google Adsense provides some more lessons to people by showing ads where people visit your website and click on Google Ads. 

Where on one click you will get 60% and Google will keep 40%. 

Now you will get such payment from youtube and google adsense.

The policy of the current Google Adsense has been made somewhat different, now if you have a YouTube channel, then Google Adsense pays the YouTube channel and Google Adsense gives the website anyway but transfers it to the bank with different rules. This policy was earlier such that if you have a YouTube channel and a website, then the payment of both was added together and transferred to your bank. But you have changed such rules, all the money made by YouTube is transferred to the bank separately and all the money made in the website is transferred to the bank separately.

If you are a YouTuber and monetize has been turned on in your video, then do not worry about it at all, you will not get payment until the Adsense account has a hundred dollars. The rule of Google Adsense is that until the hundred dollars in your Google Adsense account is not completed, then it is not transferred to your bank. When your 100 dollars in Adsense is completed, then from 1st to 26th of the month, transfer it to the bank.

Friends, until your Google Adsense account is not verified, you will not get payments, Google always wants to verify your partner and know is it really you or someone else.

Therefore, always submit the original documents to whatever documents you ask for in Google Adsense. Whenever you type your name, you should check it carefully and submit your name and location address correctly, which is your village address in the document. Is . 

After submitting the complete document, a code will be sent to your home and that code has to be submitted to verify in Google Adsense account. 

If you are a YouTuber, then always keep this thing in mind that Google Adsense keeps on changing its policy at any time, so the announcement is written on the side of your Google Adsense account. Keep following him always, this will always keep you safe and you can get some new information.

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