What is VPN? What is VPN? Full details of VPN

What is VPN? What is VPN? Full details of VPN

What is VPN What is VPN Full details of VPN

In this article we will learn about VPN. What is VPN? (What is VPN), what is the full form of VPN? How does VPN work? How to use it? What are its advantages and disadvantages? And so on. You will get complete complete information about VPN in this article. 

What is VPN? What is VPN? Full details of VPN

What is VPN?

VPN is a type of private network, which provides a secure network to the user, and protects the user's personal data, location and identity from hackers. That is, VPN keeps the identity of the user completely hidden. 

In addition, this network protects the rights of the user to "freedom on the Internet". And all those restricted services and websites Tusk allows users to access. 

VPN is a network technology that allows users to create a secure connection when they access the Internet. That is, prevents his personal information from being public and keeps his location hidden. This network technology is a great way to keep your network secure and protect your personal information from hackers. 

The full name of VPN is "Virtual Private Network". It is a service used over the internet that protects your data from leaks and gives you online privacy. VPN hides your IP address, due to which you are able to keep yourself confidential online. - Wikipedia

It is capable of keeping all types of data (whether it is important or non-essential) safe. It is mostly used in online business areas such as large online merchants, organizations, government agencies, education institutes, corporations, etc. So that they can keep their important data safe from unauthorized people. 

What is the full form of VPN?

The full form of VPN is "Virtual Private Network" . 

VPN - Virtual Private Network

How does VPN work?

Let us now know, how VPN works. When we access internet from mobile, our device works on home network , and shows current location. In such a situation, anyone can hack our personal data or important files through the Internet. 

In such a situation, if we use VPN technology, then it will be very safe for us. As you all know that VPN is a virtual private network. When we connect to VPN, it provides a private network to our device. 

After which we access anything on the Internet , then it is completely secure. All data on VPN is transferred in encrypted form. Apart from this, it also changes the IP address of the device. When we connect to the VPN, it changes our location and IP address and sends our request over the Internet. 

A VPN is a private network server. When we connect our device by logging in to VPN, after that our internet connection gets encrypted. 

Suppose, we type a query on the browser, then the VPN sends our query to the Internet by changing our location and IP address. This keeps our present address and real IP hidden. Due to which our personal data remains safe, and we can avoid hackers. 

Apart from this, we can also easily access any block content on the Internet. For example:- We can easily watch any AC video which is blocked at our location. Similarly, if any website, software or mobile app is blocked, then it can also be easily accessed through VPN. 

This is a connection that is completely private, in which we access any website, no one knows. In such a situation, even our ISP (Internet Service Provider) does not know which website we are accessing. 

Because the ISP always keeps an eye on our query, but after connecting to the VPN, when we do some search on the browser or on Google, the ISP does not know that. The ISP thinks that we are accessing the VPN server. But VPN Server provides us with a private connection, through which we can access any website or service in the world, even if the ISP has blocked it. 

What are the advantages of VPN?

  • Protects our personal data and files from being hacked. 
  • It provides a private network connection, which makes us more secure on the Internet . 
  • Easily access any block content, website or service. 
  • You can change your country location. For example: - There is a WhatsApp Calling block in UAE, so people there can do WhatsApp Calling by changing their country location with the help of this. 
  • Our internet connection gets encrypted when we connect to the VPN server . So that no one else can access our data. 
  • Both free and paid VPN service is available on the internet. If you want, you can also use VPN service for free. In Google Play Store, you will find many apps which provide service for free. 

What are the disadvantages of VPN?

  • Free VPN service providers can misuse your data. Because whatever you access on the Internet, all its information is stored in their servers. 
  • Many people think that no one can catch us by using VPN. But he is completely wrong. Because when you connect to it, your ISP knows about it. And after connecting to the VPN, whatever you access is stored in its server, that is, the service provider whose service you are using, has full information about what you are accessing. 
  • By using this, many hackers are able to hide their identity to a great extent. 
  • It provides us with a secure network connection, but after the VPN is connected, the internet speed slows down. 

How to use VPN?

To use a VPN, first you have to find a good VPN service provider. You can search VPN service provider with the help of internet. Both free and paid service providers are available on the internet. You can use whatever you want. 

If you want to secure your personal data or files, and want to make your internet connection more secure, then you have to use a right and good VPN. For this, you must first know these things about the service provider:

  • How is the reputation of the company? (Reputation)
  • How is the company's performance? (Performance)
  • What type of encryption is used. 
  • How is the Support System? 
  • How is Transparency? 
  • What are the Extra Features? 
  • be easy to use. 

If you see the service of any provider, then first know all these things. After that, if you like it, then you use their service. If you use free VPN service, then you will not get all the features in it. To use advanced features and extra features, you have to take paid service. 

If you are satisfied with the basic features, and do not need the advanced features, then you can use Free VPN. Some VPN service providers allow their users to use full features for a few days for a trail. So you can try them too, use the trail version, and after the trail period is over, if you like their service, then buy, otherwise you can search for another VPN service. 

Who can use VPN?

Who can use VPN? Before knowing this, read When might we need a VPN? Know this. If we have an online business, and we want to keep our online data or personal files safe from hackers or unwanted person, then we need VPN. 

Apart from this, accessing any such website or online service, which is blocked in our country, reads the need of VPN to access it. Let us now know, who can use VPN?

VPN can be used by every person or user who wants to make his personal data or online files more secure. And the user who accesses such online service or website, which is blocked in his country or by his ISP. So such users can use it. 

How to use VPN in computer?

To use a VPN on a computer, you have to go to one of the VPN services and register. After that you will get a username and password. With the help of which you will be able to log in to your VPN service. You can use it after logging in. 

In computer, you get both free VPN and premium VPN service. You can use the free service initially, and after that if you like the service then you can buy the premium version. You do not get much features in the free service, only some basic features are available in it. Apart from this, all the advanced and extra features are available in premium.

Here you can also download the extension according to your browser, only through the extension you can also take advantage of their services. Or if you want, you can download their software to your computer and use it through that too. 

How to use VPN in mobile?

To use VPN in mobile, you will need a VPN app. If you want to use vpn in mobile, then it is very easy. There are many apps available in the play store of the smartphone, in which both free and paid are available.

You can easily use VPN in your mobile by downloading any one app. Here I will not take the name of any app or company. You can search at your level and download and use the app you like. 

I will guide you so much that what are the things you have to keep in mind while searching the app. First you have to see the rating of the app, then you have to see the download. Target the app which has a good rating and the app which is downloaded more. 

If you are an iPhone iOS user, then you will find many apps in the App Store and if you are an Android user then you will find many in the Google Play Store. You can easily download it from there and use it on your mobile. 

So friends, now you must have known everything about VPN. What is VPN? How does VPN work? How to use VPN? Its advantages and disadvantages? And so on. I hope that you must have liked this article of ours. And you must have understood all the things told by us. If you still have any kind of question in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting. 

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